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Shots : Le Desir Lingerie

Strapless Mini Dress - Black - O/SX

Strapless Mini Dress - Black - O/SX

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Let a little bit of your wild side fly with the Le Desir range by Shots. With multiple styles to choose from, and versitile stretching, like you would get with luxury stockings, these pieces will curve with your body and leave absolutly nothing to the imagination; so you can be as wild as you please.

The Strapless Mini Dress is a strapless mini dress with lace pattern and fishnet. It can be worn multiple ways with it's versitile look, including back-to-front, on it's side, or even as a skirt. It's super stretchy, with fabric that stretches in four points, and accomodates for sizes XL-3XL. Reusable via hand washing, or a h

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