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Je Joue

Silicone Ring - Minimum Stretch Blue

Silicone Ring - Minimum Stretch Blue

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This luxury Silicone Cock Ring from Je Joue will keep you harder for longer and prolong your orgasms. The medium level of stretch is great for people of average girth, who have used a ring before and are looking for a more intense experience. So easy to put on, and stretchy enough to be put on at any time - not only before you have an erection.

Use around the base of the penis to restrict blood flow, giving you a fuller and harder erection. Use around the testicles to keep them from contracting, prolonging your orgasm from 5 seconds to up to 50 seconds. You can even use it around both the penis and scrotum for an even more intense experience (after some practice!)

This super-soft silicone

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