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Onyx+ & Pearl 2+ Couple Set Turquoise

Onyx+ & Pearl 2+ Couple Set Turquoise

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A new couple set, now with the new Pearl 2+ in Turquoise.

Kiiroo Onyx+ brings a whole new sensory experience to the internet: Intimate touch. This light-weight male masturbator is quiet, discreet, and perfect as a travel companion.

The third-generation Onyx has a completely different rotating motor that changes the sensation of what you feel.

Onyx+ can reach up to 140 strokes per minute while still maintaining a more silent motor than both of its predecessors, making the sensory experience of using Onyx+ all the more exciting.
Inside Onyx+ are 10 rings that work together to simulate intercourse and stroke up and down in real-time.

Pearl 2+ is a technologically advanced G-spot vibrator enabled with touch-sensitive technology. The slightly curved shape is perfect for G-spot stimulation and all types of external pleasure. The three bumps on the Pearl 2+ stimulate the G-spot more intensely when inserted in the body.

Pearl 2+ can connect to all Kiiroo p

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