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Iroha Yuki White

Iroha Yuki White

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Iroha's designs provide a comforting experience unlike any other.

Coated in soft, supple material, Iroha's self-pleasuring, palm-sized products are splash-proof and can be washed in water with ease. With its "anti-dust coating", it repels dust, for a clean, hygienic experience every time. Iroha is designed to provide for all tastes, with subtle to strong vibrations, and a rhythmical pattern, for you to choose and use as you please.

Yuki's rounded body is shaped like 2 balls; one on top of the other. By using the big part of the body it will provide vibrations to the whole vulva, while the smaller top ball can be used for more pinpointed stimulation, or even for penetration. Yuki is great for women that prefer stimulation just at the entry of the vagina, instead of deep penetration.

Self-care truly at your fingertips; cleaner, faster, and stronger than ever before.

Product Features:

  • A white, snowman-shaped vibrator, with a semi-insertable
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