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I Harness Black

I Harness Black

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This BDSM-inspired harness goes perfectly your best outfits or lingerie sets, and is sure to intensify your bondage games. Lose yourself along the paths of the Maze and discover a place where both of your worlds meet; let the world you show and the world you hide come together as one. Do you dare to enter?

- 100% adjustable across the neck and waist.

- A scandalous pairing! Combine it with FLASH pasties.

- Inspired by classic BDSM: all the sensuality and power of bondage in a single accessory.

- Goes perfectly with any look, lingerie or bare skin.

- 100% vegan: polyurethane straps made from recycled materials.

- Adds a bold touch to any outfit or lingerie set.

- Fashion Erotic Accessories: A blend between current fashion trends and traditional eroticism.

- Wanna play? The p

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