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Flip 0 (Zero) Electronic Vibrotation - FLIP 0 (Zero) EVR

Flip 0 (Zero) Electronic Vibrotation - FLIP 0 (Zero) EVR

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Get Ready to Roll and Rumble with the FLIP ZERO EVR - ELECTRONIC VIBROTATION! The FLIP ZERO Electronic Vibration, has merged with the GYRO ROLLER. Experience unprecedented sensations of rolling and rumbling.

Rolling + Vibrations! Step beyond the ultimate in pleasure with the FLIP ZERO EVR! An internal gyroscopic sensor lets you manipulate rotational stimulation by simply tilting the item. The dual motor vibrations combine perfectly with the new internal details, made exclusively for spinning vibration!

The latest in pleasure innovations have culminated in the strongest FLIP ZERO yet. Take the next step beyond the known boundaries of pleasure."
Boundless pleasure awaits when using the FLIP ZERO EVR's vibrating and spinning functions together. Moving the item up and down at this time will highlight the incredible sensations of the internal designs in this specially-made FLIP ZERO. Manipulate spinning sensations with the built-in gyroscopic sensor

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