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Mad Vibez

Vim Midnight Blue

Vim Midnight Blue

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Sure, wands are a classic toy type, but you’ve never felt a wand like VIM before. Most wands deliver pure power and nothing else. On their low settings, they’re buzzy or irritating. VIM has an industry-first weighted motor that delivers rumbly vibration at any speed, including the gentlest.

VIM’s inner values and weighted rumbleTM are the ingenious result of Ger- man engineering: weights on either side of VIM’s motor provide powerful wa- ves of vibration that literally get under your skin. Even at the lowest intensity, you’ll feel VIM transmit excitement to deeper layers, whether along the inner clitoris or to the prostate. This is possible due to the stimulation of two types of receptors at once (the Vater-Pacini and Ruffini receptors) that respond to just this type of vibration, thus enhancing the effect of the vibration.


Deep Orgasm is a rumbly progr

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