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Let's face it ladies sometimes you just need that little (or large) something more. The STRAP & BOUND INVISIBLE DENIM 3, the world's first harness out of soft denim (= 100% vegan!), will give you exactly what you need. Simply combine your favorite dildo (e.g. the BOUNCER) with this German handmade jeans harness, buckle up and continue where you left off either vaginal or anal.

This harness gives you complete control and hold over any kind of dildo with a base and a diameter up to 4,5 cm. The wide, comfy hip belt and the two leg straps made from soft denim wrap gently around your hips and lap. The STRAP & BOUND offers you the best fit and guarantees comfort in every position. With limitless adaptability, all straps of the STRAP & BOUND are adjustable in length for you to position it just right (for sizes 34 - 44).

For couples who want more!

Always wanted to try pegging? The STRAP & BOUND is not only for same sex couples, but of course also

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